The Imaginary Friend

As an imaginary friend, you discover the rich inner world of eight-year-old Daniel. Can you help him fight off his inner demons?

"What could you look like? Hmm, not like that. Not like that either. Yeah! These wings are perfect!" Daniel exclaims enthusiastically as he finally finds the perfect look for his new imaginary friend, embodied by the viewers themselves. In the skin of the winged creature, they sail with Daniel through his fantasy world, where many challenges await. The more the imaginary friend and Daniel bond, the more confused people around him become. Why is he talking to himself? Is he crazy? When his father takes him to the hospital, Daniel must figure out his feelings before he completely disconnects from reality. Will there still be room in his life for an imaginary friend?


author: Steye Hallema

country: The Netherlands, Belgium

year: 2023

runtime: 25 min

language: English

premiere: Czech premiere

motion sickness risk: low

control complexity: advanced interactions

section: Dimensions of Empathy

location in DOX: Area C (ground floor)