31. 10. - 5. 11. 2023
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

VR Installation: Dimensions of Empathy

31. 10. - 3. 12. 2023

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What can you expect at the festival:

A competitive showcase of the 10 most groundbreaking VR projects from the last year, combining the newest technologies with thought-provoking storytelling. (31. 10. - 5. 11. 2023)

VR Installation: Dimensions of Empathy (31. 10. - 3. 12. 2023)
A unique curated installation exploring the possibilities of the medium of VR to sustain empathy from multiple points of view: how can VR help us understand the climate crisis, women's rights, rasism, or the struggles of indigenous people?

Zip-Scene Conference with more than 30 speakers and XR researchers from around the world.

Unique program for schools

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