Our mission

We want to highlight the XR creative work on the international and local field as well. We feel that XR industry is still not established enough and through the continuos work we want to build the strong community of authors and also deliver to the audience the best current VR/XR experiences.

Our vision

We see the XR industry as inspiring and prosperous new branch of arts which will bring new and immersive ways how to see the world. We also believe that in few years the work of our organisation will focus not only on festival organisation but also on distribution and buildong the educational platform.

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Ondřej Moravec (director)

Daniela Hanusová (executive director)

Our team

Our strength lies in our unity and individual qualities. The team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from art to education and science.

Ondřej Moravec

Founder / Director

Daniela Hanusová

Executive Director

Ágnes-Karolina Bakk

Conference curator

Bára Kousalová

Production manager

Anna Málková

School program manager

Zdeněk Durdil

set designer and architect