The Choice

An interactive and intimate VR interview with Kristen, a young indigenous woman who went through a terrible experience during her pregnancy due to the broken healthcare system in Texas, USA.

Kristen and her husband longed for a child for a long time, until one day she actually got pregnant. Everything seemed fine until the 20th week of pregnancy, when problems began to appear. Kristen's Texas gynaecologist, however, purposely concealed their severity from her, which Texas law allows doctors to do under certain circumstances. As Kristen tells her story, viewers can choose through simple interactions what question to ask her and what angle they want to view her story from. Around the protagonist, in a black virtual space, her story begins to be drawn in fine lines of colour, avoiding sensationalism or drastic images.


author: Joanne Popińska

country: Poland, Canada

year: 2021

runtime: 25 min

language: English

premiere: no premiere

motion sickness risk: low

control complexity: simple interactions

section: Dimensions of Empathy

location in DOX: Area C (ground floor)