Simple Songs About Death

A meditative cruise through a dead city, inviting you to ponder about mortality.

There is something uncanny about this virtual world: the buildings around are familiar, but there are no colours, and the air is filled with strange stillness and a feeling of decay. Is this what the afterlife looks like? In Simple Songs about Death, you will slowly sail through a dead city, invited to reflect on the ideas of mortality and transience. With spiritual music and thought-provoking set design, this VR project is a technological meditation that breaks the taboo around death and dead bodies.


author: Maciej Czuchryta, Marta Wieczorek

country: Poland

year: 2023

runtime: 10 min

language: no dialogue

premiere: World Premiere

motion sickness risk: medium

control complexity: no interactions

section: International Compatition

location in DOX: Auditorium