El Beat

Don't speak Palenque? Never mind, the universal language that takes you through the memories of enslaved Africans in this film is music.

In this dream-like expedition into the land of memories and collective unconscious, one gets a glimpse of the lives of enslaved Africans, travelling away from their homeland to the Colombian province of Palenque. How can we empathise with people of the past, and how can we understand their pain in the present? One of the ways is through music, which is omnipresent in El Beat, reflecting the sorrows, the joy, and the communal aspects of their lives, as a powerful instrument that has always kept the people together, making it possible to face the hardest of obstacles.


authors: Irene Lema, Sergio Bromberg, Carolina del Mar Fernández

country: Brazil

year: 2023

runtime: 10 min

language: Palenquero (with English subtitles)

premiere: Czech Premiere

motion sickness risk: low

control complexity: no interactions

section: Dimensions of Empathy

location in DOX: Area C (ground floor)