21-22 China

A hypnotizing and disturbing fly over China, showing how humans have been changing the landscape.

Would we think differently about the world from another point of view? The experience of being human restricts our perception of the world around us: we mostly get to see and hear it from the ground, limiting the scope of our surroundings. 21-22 China changes that: from a bird’s eye perspective, the viewer gets to see the land from a distance, uncovering the patterns and changes in landscape brought about by mass industrialization and urbanization that usually stay hidden. By contrasting the natural and the artificial, explore the environmental and moral implications of the anthropocene.


author: Thierry Loa

country: Canada

year: 2023

runtime: 25 min

language: no dialogue

premiere: Czech Premiere

motion sickness risk: medium

control complexity: no interactions

section: International Compatition

location in DOX: Auditorium