Elias, a young millennial, has to deal with a lot - the loss of a beloved family member, his own incapacity, and a new role as a role model for his niece.

Somewhere between teenagehood and adulthood, a sudden feeling of responsibility starts to weigh on us: What do we do when the fuse blows? How does the heating in our house work? Are we able to chop some wood to keep our family warm? All these things seem to be so easy and natural when the wise, older family members do them - but what to do once they’re suddenly gone? In Perennials, you get to meet Elias, a young disillusioned adult, who has to deal with grief, feelings of uselessness, and the sudden need to act as a role model for his small niece with wild imagination.


author: Zoe Roellin

country: USA

year: 2022

runtime: 20 min

language: English

premiere: Czech premiere

motion sickness risk: low

control complexity: no interactions

section: Dimensions of Empathy

location in DOX: Area C (ground floor)