Berlin 2037

A VR experience combining a real-life bike ride with a virtual immersion into a futuristic and sustainable vision of Berlin.

The bicycle is a symbol of freedom and liberty. But not in a city where thousands of cars pass by and where cyclists' lives are on the line. What would such a city look like if developers took a radically new approach - no private cars, renewable energy only, new models of living and working? Berlin 2037 offers the opportunity to ride through today's Berlin into the future - on a real bike and with a VR helmet on your head. The project is not based on sci-fi fantasies, but on realistic visions, all of which are already available to today's society.


authors: Jan Kerhart, Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran

country: Germany

year: 2023

runtime: 15 min

language: English

premiere: International Premiere

motion sickness risk: medium

control complexity: easy interactions

section: International Compatition

location in DOX: Auditorium